About Us

The Parkway motto is “Preparing Tomorrow’s Educators” 

Vision Statement

A school in which administrators, staff, students, and partners, collaborate to inspire and prepare a new generation of leaders in education. A learning community designed to support creative, innovative and committed teachers, whose effective practice encourages students to consider teaching as a career.

Mission Statement

The mission of Parkway West High School is to provide our students with safe and nurturing learning environment, thereby ensuring that all students achieve to their maximum academic and social potential, and become productive citizens and lifelong learners; this will be achieved through a collegial bond among administration and staff, proficient teaching and learning and collaboration with our families and community partners.


  • A safe and nurturing environment is essential for student learning.
  • Learning transpires at different rates and in different ways.
  • Graduation is achievable in four years, with students performing at either the advanced or proficient level across the curriculum.
  • The opportunity to explore varied careers and learn by performing service provides knowledge and skills that are necessary for lifelong learning.
  • Preparing students to become responsible citizens is the shared responsibility of the school, student, parents/guardians and community.
  • Appreciation of religious and ethnic differences, culture, race, and gender is essential in today’s society.
  • Every student has inherent worth and will have the opportunity to reach his/her personal goals.